Today on THE FOGELNEST FILES, Jake is joined by CHRIS GETHARD for a special one-on-one conversation about the culture of New York City Public-Access Television, recorded LIVE from SF Sketchfest!

Chris and Jake chat about the early days of public access, why Chris decided to take The Chris Gethard Show to public access, some of Jake’s public access contemporaries, and how Chris might have fractured his leg during the Comedy Central pilot taping of The Chris Gethard Show.

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I love both these guys and this is great.

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    anyone else think young jake sounds remarkably like chris?
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    I like this and them a lot
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    wait, i was on an episode of squirt tv. jake fogelnest is that jake??? i just had a minor brain dealie. omg. hi...
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    This is a wonderful discussion between two of the funniest people in the world that you should really check out. Also,...
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